AEGIS®: Transportation

How often are hard seats, arm rests, door handles, seat belt buckles, light and air controls, doors and windows, and grab handles touched throughout the day? We know it is a lot and there are often lapses in consistent cleaning protocols which can cause severe issues and an unpleasant experience for all involved – from unpleasant odors to harder to clean surfaces. AEGIS® leads the industry in hygiene management for both hard and soft surfaces.
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Even after surfaces are cleaned, the bacterial and microbial growth cycle begins again triggered by moisture and other sources of nutrition. This unwanted growth of harmful organisms can cause a multitude of issues including odors, staining, and product deterioration. The AEGIS System of Care® is a multi-step approach that tackles surface hygiene concerns commonly found in the Transportation Industry in two distinct and but necessary ways.

The AEGIS System of Care: Clean and Disinfect

The first step in properly maintaining equipment used in transportation is by cleaning and disinfecting their surfaces with an AEGIS® disinfectant, such as AEGIS VES 240®. AEGIS VES 240® is a sanitizer effective against a broad range of pathogens and is approved for transportation use. This technology is a U.S. EPA registered disinfectant that meets the U.S. EPA’s Emerging pathogen policy. This product is an easily applied disinfection spray with a history of safe use. It is effective against pathogens that are of utmost importance to the global consumer in these pandemic times. AEGIS VES 240® is an effective one-step sanitizer for use on non-food contact surfaces when used as directed.

Did you know that AEGIS VES 240® …

  • Sanitizes 99.9% of bacteria in 15 seconds.

  • Kills 99.9% SARS-CoV-22 virus, the cause of COVID-19.

AEGIS VES 240® is a highly effective multi-quat sanitizing technology that protects surfaces by quickly killing a broad spectrum of bacteria, is virucidal including but not limited to, Coronavirus that causes COVID-19, HIV-1, the AIDS Virus, and Hepatitis B Virus and Hepatitis C Virus, fungicidal, and inhibits the growth of mold and mildew, and their odors. AEGIS VES 240® has been formulated to aid in the reduction of cross-contamination on treated surfaces in transportation and other public spaces. This technology can be used as a surface disinfectant primer for the Antimicrobial Surface Protection Solutions in the AEGIS System of Care®

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The AEGIS System of Care: Antimicrobial Surface Protection

AEGIS® antimicrobial technologies provide proactive, 24/7 protection that inhibits the growth of microbes on high-touch, high-traffic surfaces for up 90 days. In lab studies, the technologies demonstrate up to 99.9% reduction in the growth of bacteria, thereby limiting the stains, product deterioration and odors that develop as a result.

These AEGIS Antimicrobial Technologies are easily applied to surfaces found in Public Transportation, Vertical Transportation, Aviation and Automotive Equipment:

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    This technology is a full spectrum liquid antimicrobial suitable for use in a wide range of surfaces and environments. AEGIS® technology has a unique mode of action and is easy to apply on surfaces by either spray or the “wet and wipe” method.

    Clean, disinfect, and protect with ease using our AEGIS® Surface and Disinfection protection technologies together to create cleaner, more hygienic transportation environments.